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How to place an order online

1.   Select items you need and add to your cart.

2.   Click on "view cart" to see what is in the cart. If you need more items click on "Continue shopping" and add items required to your cart.

3.   Once you have everything you need in your cart, Enter the State and ZIP code. The system will go to FedEx and UPS to get the shipping cost.. FedEx rate is a neogotiated rate which is about 50 % discounted. UPS rate is the normal rate for overnight delivery. You can easily see the amount of discount you are getting with FedEx.

4.  Select FedEx as your shipping method, The system will give you total cost including shipping

5. Once you are happy with the cost, you click on "Proceed to checkout" .

6. If you have already registered as a customer, you can click on "Sign In" button.

7. If you are not registered, Click on "Welcome - Login-Register" button on the top of the page. Enter all info required to register.

8. After registration, continue through checkout.

9. During checkout process, the system will ask to enter delivery date. Select the desired deleivry date from the calender provide.

10. Under payement method, enter credit card info. The credit card is processed by a secured credit card processing company called " Bambora" . No data is stored at the site. All credit card data are stored and processed by "Bambora"

11. Next step is to click on " place the order" button.

12. Once you placed the order, you will get an e-mail notifying you the detail of your order including the delivery date you selected and the order #.

13. You can add or delete items from your order by call us at (416)288-1419 and giving the order # you received throuh confirmation email.

14. Once the order is shipped, you will get email from FedEx giving you the tracking info.